2022 Kin Kar Raffle

Summit Ski Team has partnered with the Winnipeg Kinsmen Club in their 2022 Kin Kar Raffle. As you are aware we have not been able to host a fundraising evening for the past number of years, so the Board has decided that this would be a great opportunity can’t pass up this opportunity to raise some funds and help improve the clubs financial position.

Kinsmen has provide us with a unique sales link for Summit to use for the Kin Kar raffle ticket sales. It is key that our friends and family use this link to purchase their tickets otherwise we don’t earn fifty percent of the ticket proceeds. That is correct, the best part is for every $100 of tickets the team sells we raise $50, so at the end of the raffle we will get a cheque for 50% of our total sales when our sales link is used. Given COVID and a lower participation than normal our club could really use a good fundraising event and we think this is it. Our goal would be to sell a minimum of $8,000 dollars worth of tickets, the club would profit $4,000. We could use these funds to replace old, broken and used equipment and hopefully have some money leftover to help fund future initiatives. This raffle has three great prices to be won, please see the attached documents for more information or our sale link.

A few key points of interest for you:

– the raffle is officially live and you can start selling now. 
– you are permitted to communicate the sales link via email and social media as you sees fit. 
– the raffle can only be sold in the Province of Manitoba. 
– tickets can be sold up to and including the draw date which is 26 June 2022. 

Here is our unique sales link https://www.fundingchange.ca/wpgkinsmen/YdS_SkRjkSCBgzzl/YiEOv5lxLBI32vGG