Frequently asked questions

The registration fees cover all coaching costs, race registrations, and insurance. Club registration does not cover lift tickets or personal equipment.

Athletes train primarily at Springhill Winter Park with occasional weekend training at Holiday Mountain or Asessippi Ski Area and Resort.

Races can be held at Springhill Winter Park, Ski Valley, Mount Evergreen Ski Club, Asessippi Ski Area And Resort, and Bottineau Winter Park, but not every ski resort hosts a race every year.

The full schedule is available on our calendar page

Athletes ages 5-9 typically train 1-2 days per week while athletes ages 10 and up train 2-3 days per week. Training sessions are held on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings at Springhill Winter Park with occasional full-day training on Sundays at Holiday Mountain or full-weekend training at Asessippi Ski Area and Resort. Races are held on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

The full schedule is available on our calendar page

No, since alpine skiing is primarily an individual sport there are no mandatory events. We encourage athletes to participate in as many events as possible, but athletes can choose what events they attend.

To start, athletes need shaped carvings skis in good condition, ski boots with proper fit, ski poles, a ski racing helmet with a FIS sticker and the hard shell covering the ears, ski goggles, and warm ski clothing. As athletes develop their skills, they need race skis for slalom and for GS, a speed suit for racing, and additional protective equipment including shin guards, pole guards, a chin guard, a mouth guard, and a back protector.

For more information about equipment please contact us or review our equipment information document.

When training in cold weather, schedules are adjusted to ensure that athletes have time to return to the day lodge and warm up when necessary. Training sessions are cancelled if the windchill is below -32°C. Races follow the Manitoba Alpine Ski Division cold weather policy.