Meet Our Coaches


Brian leads a team of 11 coaches for the Summit Ski Club. He provides program development for athletes, and guidance to the parent run board of directors. Brian has many years coaching experience and is a Performance Level Coach and Entry Level Coach Facilitator, Mentor and Evaluator (Canadian Ski Coach), Level 3 Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance instructor and L1 Course Conductor (CSIA). Brian’s experience includes a career of teaching Physical Education, coaching/ski coaching youth and Masters, as well as providing coach updates and other professional development opportunities.


A recent grad with BPE and BEd, (U of W) Maclean coaches Summit athletes of all levels. Maclean has his Development Level (DL) Coach (Canadian Ski Coach). His experiences have included racing in the Manitoba Cup Series, Instructor of Sports Camps in 7 Oaks School Division, Instructor of Tennis Camps at Norwod CC. Maclean demonstrates his enthusiasm for learning and teaching others with Summit Ski Club. His exceptional skiing ability is crucial as a model for our athletes!

Dana Hatherly

Dana began her ski racing experiences at the age of 6 through Summit Ski Club, being taught by some of our previous and current coaches. Dana is a Manitoba Cup Ski Champion (2004- 2005 season). She grew up being a multi-sport competitor with rthymic gymnastics as a youngster, then playing indoor and outdoor soccer, as well as participating in most school sports, in addition to ski racing. Dana currently enjoys playing soccer in adult leagues and participating in her own fitness training. As a Level 1 CSCF Coach (Entry Level) she enjoys coaching young skiers in the Summit Ski Club program. She is genuinely warm with our athletes and demonstrates great skiing for our athletes!


Glenn has been skiing and coaching for many years. He has been has been a Summit Ski Club Coach since 1986! Glenn is DL Coach Certified working on his Performance Level, and an EL Mentor/Evaluator (Canadian Ski Coach). Glen has achieved Level 3 Instructor (CSIA), and Level 1 Course Conductor (CSIA). Through his many years of ski coaching, Glenn has been involved in a variety of coaching opportunities ie. Manitoba Masters, Special Olympics. Glenn is a Professional Boot Fitter who will perform wonders on your boots to suit your needs through Sport Chek (Shop By Appointment Program).


Morgan joined our coaching staff a few years back as a “Cool Dad” and Tail Gunner, helping with the youngest athletes. As he became more competent Morgan successfully attained his Entry Level Coach (Canadian Ski Coach). Morgan has attended all local ski coach seminars available to attain as much as possible as he became passionate about coaching ski racers! as a dad and coach Morgan has become nearly, an expert ski tuner- his own child athletes will definitely benefit from this!!

Matthew Render

As a former racer with Summit Ski Club (a few years back!) Matthew brings his experiences as a race and as a Certified Development Level Coach (Canadian Ski Coach). As he is very passionate about coaching skiing, Matthew has taken a lead role in the U10 program. He has a Development level Coach (Canadian Ski Coach). Matthew has attended some of the coach learning opportunities in Banff over recent years to enhance his abilities. He currently has his three children enthusiastically participating and competing!


Dan is a lifetime skier and longtime Summit Ski Club coach. He is a Past Chair of the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA). Dan is a Performance Level Coach, an Entry Level Coach Facilitator, Mentor and Evaluator (Canadian Ski Coach). He is a long time Level 3 Ski Instructor and Level 1 Course Conductor (CSIA). Dan recently demonstrated his desire for further learning by achieving his Advanced Coaching Diploma- Canadian Sports Center, Manitoba. Dan usually coaches our more experienced athletes.

Kent Myska

Kent started ski racing on the river bank at Osborne and Togo from ages 9 to 17. Later he competed many years in Manitoba Masters and won Silver at National Masters in Sun Peaks. He is proudly a 25+ year member of the CSIA and has been actively instructing and coaching for each of those years. Currently, he is a Development Coach (Canadian Ski Coach) and Level 2 CSIA Instructor. He enjoys coaching children; seeing them develop and getting them involved in a sport the whole family can enjoy. Kent is creative in setting great learning courses for his athletes and he always has a smile on his face- watch out!!

Jon Cuddy

Jon has experienced many years coaching with Summit Ski Club. He has attended most local ski coach and CSIA (Instructor) opportunities available over the years, including 2 local speed and one ski x camp. Jon holds a Development Level Coach (Canadian Ski Coaches) and a CSIA Level 2 (Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance). Jon’s experiences include racing in the Manitoba Masters Program until recently.


Tom loves everything “skiing” and although his background first started in instructing, his passion is solidly embedded with ski race coaching. He was one of the first club coaches in Manitoba to successfully attain “Level 3 Certified” status (Canadian Ski Coach) and has coached all levels of athletes from the very youngest to provincial team members. Additionally, Tom is a Level 3 Instructor (CSIA). His accomplishments, passion and dedication can be attributed to the leadership and high standards of Summit Ski Club. Tom is a former Masters racer and currently has two children. Tom holds the following certifications: CSC Level 3 Certified coach, Entry Level Course Facilitator, Entry Level Evaluator and a CSIA Level 3, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor.

Neale Gillispie

Neale is a recent addition to the coaching group at Summit Ski Club with his two children in the race program. Neale brings a wealth of experience to the province in skiing and for multi-sport- with his career job at (CAC). He previously coached at Martock Ski Race Club in NS. Neal’s high quality credentials includes a CAC Master Coach Developer (Coach Association of Canada), Development Level Certified Coach (Canadian Ski Coach). In his career Neale is a Senior Coaching Consultant, Policy Development at Coaching Association of Canada.